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  • Do the renters need a boat licence?
    Whether a full boaters licence, or a temporary one, we ensure that all renters come to you ready with a valid operator's licence. The person(s) with the valid licence are the only ones permitted to operate the equipment. You can complete the Pleasure Craft Operator's Card Course here
  • What age must you be to rent?
    It is our recommendation that all renters are of 25 years of age or older. We screen each prospective renter for you, and only book with those candidates who meet this criteria.
  • What experience do potential renters need to rent my equipment?
    We qualify all renters for their boating experience before booking your equipment. If they do not have much experience, we will either deny the booking, or speak with the owner of the equipment beforehand to gauge their desire in booking the renter. We can also offer an additional charge whereby the owner agrees to launch and load the boat from the renter’s preferred lake, as well as show them how it operates while on the water. The fee is substantial enough to ensure it is worth your time, but it is completely optional.
  • How much of a security deposit do I charge?
    The default amount that we use, currently, is $2500, however this number can be set by the owner of the equipment. We do require detailed pre-departure and returned condition photographs to protect both the renter and the affiliate. All damages are described in the rental agreement as an additional 25% markup for replacement/repair costs, as well as any potential downtime loss of use revenue due to the renter’s negligence, should it come to that.
  • How do I take payment?
    There are several options to explore regarding payment. We highly recommend that you take direct payment for the balance remaining, to ensure an expedient delivery of your funds. We can take the full payment for you, but the funds may take a few days to clear into your account. We have some owners who list all of their rentals under a numbered company to ensure complete protection from any possible personal liability, and to leverage the tax advantages that listing under a limited liability company affords them. Any fuel costs, repair costs, cost of financing, etc. is a tax deduction on any of your rental revenue. This choice, however, is completely optional.
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