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Join our rental program and make up to $13,000 a season renting your idle toys!


Our Rental Program Is An Easy Way To Enjoy Your Toys While Making Money While They Are Sitting Idle


If you are considering purchasing a new boat/RV and don't want the stress of monthly payments, or have a boat/RV that sits idle for months on end, we can help! The average renter can make between $8000- $13,000 per season by renting their boats from their own storage facility or garage. We market the item you have, handle all payment processing including damage deposits, and provide you with the pre and post inspection paperwork. We also provide a pre written contract for renters to sign to ensure all liability is taken care of. 

How It Works?


1. Your Item will be added to our inventory as  a rental and we only add 4 similar boats or RVS in your category to keep your item busy!


2. Your item must be 8 years old or newer- must be mechanically and physically in good shape 


3. You let us know 2 weeks in advance when you want to use your item so you can still enjoy it and we dont book it for a rental 


4. We market and line up pre screened renters in your location that want your item


5. We take a $2500 Damage deposit as well a 25% booking deposit to hold your item


6. Renter will meet you in person at your location where you will go over pre inspections and contract work  


7. Renter will pay balance oweing on rental term and head out to the lake 


8. Renter will return after rental period, you will complete post inspection and if all is good we refund the damage deposit after your



9. We release the funds to your bank account (we charge a 25% management fee + 2% credit card fee)


Age of Renters- It is our recommendation that all renters are of 25 years of age or older. We
screen each prospective renter for you, and only book with those candidates who meet this

Valid boat licence- Whether a full boaters licence, or a temporary one, we ensure that all
renters come to you ready with a valid operators licence. The person(s) with the valid licence
are the only ones permitted to operate the equipment.


Experience- We qualify all renters for their boating experience before booking your
equipment. If they do not have much experience, we will either deny the booking, or speak
with the owner of the equipment beforehand to gauge their desire in booking the renter. We
can also offer an additional charge whereby the owner agrees to launch and load the boat from
the renter’s preferred lake, as well as show them how it operates while on the water. The fee is
substantial enough to ensure it is worth your time, but it is completely optional.


Security Deposit- The default amount that we use, currently, is $2500, however this number
can be set by the owner of the equipment. We do require detailed pre-departure and returned
condition photographs to protect both the renter and the owner. All damages are described in
the rental agreement as an additional 25% markup for replacement/repair costs, as well as any
potential downtime loss of use revenue due to the renter’s negligence, should it come to that.


Payment- There are several options to explore with regards to payment. We highly
recommend that you take direct payment for the balance remaining, to ensure an expedient
delivery of your funds. We can take the full payment for you, as well, but the funds may take
a few days to clear into your account. We have some owners who list all of their rentals under
a numbered company, to ensure complete protection from any possible personal liability, and
to leverage the tax advantages that listing under a limited liability company affords them. Any
fuel costs, repair costs, cost of financing, etc. is a tax deduction on any of your rental revenue.
This option, however, is completely optional.

Currently Looking For The Following Rental Items:               

Pontoon Boats

Fishing boats 14ft plus

Water ski/ Wakeboard Boats 

Seadoos/Jet Skis

Bumper tow Travel Trailers (21-26ft)



Dirt Bikes

Locations We Need More Rentals:

Edmonton and surrounding area 

Sylvan Lake


Cold Lake 


Red Deer


Grande Prairie

Fort McMurray


Kelowna and surrounding area



Thunder Bay



And More...




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